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Tribal Tattoo

Millennia of symbolism, history, culture, and masculinity have shaped tribal tattoos. With their bold gradients and interwoven patterns, they also look fantastic. If you get one, expect to make a statement every time it’s displayed. These tattoo patterns appear best on the upper shoulder or chest, as is traditional.


Male tattoos that are simple are sometimes the best. If you don’t want to overthink it, opt for something simple and affordable, and the process will be rather smooth. Linework designs allow you to highlight something you love without committing a whole canvas to it. Check your wrists, hands, and upper neck for them.

Angel Tattoo

To get a decent angel tattoo, you don’t have to believe in angels, though it certainly helps (the belief, that is, not the tattoo). The unisex design is one of the greatest tattoos for both boys and girls, and it looks best on huge areas, so look for a back piece or chest design to make this one work.

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Before getting into tattoo design, you need be conversant with the following twelve traditional tattoo art styles. You may not be able to use the correct terminology while looking for the ideal tattoo style, but you’ll almost certainly have one in mind. It’s tough to know exactly what you want your ideal tattoo to look like, but the designs below should help you limit down your options.

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“When I say I receive at least one compliment every day, I am not exaggerating… This tattoo is so bright that it fools people into thinking it’s real. Several times, people have crowded around me to marvel at it. The frequency with which it occurs is crazy!!”